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Forest Fields Folks Against CCTV campaign


++ Latest News ++

Nottigham City Council have decided to press ahead with three new CCTV cameras in the Forest Fields area despite local opposition and without any evidence of its need or effectiveness.

Details are laid out in a document:'3 New CCTV Installations in Area 4' published 17th July. The document contains that the results of most recent consultation on the cctv scheme. A letter was sent to 2,400 households and just 160 responses were received but of these it state that "84 residents are in favour of the new installations" and "76 are not in favour of the new installations". Therefore it would seem to me that the council would have a hard claiming public support for the scheme.

But even in 2,400 people had said they were in favour of the cameras should they be installed? Shouldn't decisions involving public money be evidence based? Numerous studies have shown that cctv is not an effective crime fighting tool. Yet coucils like Nottingham continue to expand their surveillance network.

This is not a key decision because
The sums involved are below the financial threshold for a key decision and does not effect communities in two or more wards
Capital costs per column = between £3/4K inc. electricity supply (this does not include an additional camera)
On-going costs = £zero, as the running costs are already budgeted for in the re-deployable cameras budget

The new camera locations are listed as follows:

That the proposed new installations in Forest Fields are approved.
1)Corner of Leslie Road and Berridge Road
2)Corner of Burford Road and Berridge Road
3)Corner of Gladstone St / Alberta Terrace and Foxhall Rd
Press release at A safer, cleaner Forest Fields

It seems that the "Area 4 Neighbourhood Management Team" have decided to foist a CCTV system upon the Forest Fields area of Nottingham, and residents only have a short time to voice opposition.

A campaign 'Forest Fields Folks Against CCTV' has been set up to fight the introduction of cameras. For more information contact the group at