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Jan 2011 - Urgent action requires o challenge the Cowley Road CCTV trial. See our Action page

22nd Jan 09 - Three CCTV cameras have been installed on the Cowley Road. Read our latest press release here

24th Apr 08 - The council has released another "Progress Report" and Optimum Security have released a Budgetary Costings report. Read our response in our latest press release here

20th Feb 08 - The council has released a "Progress Report" that details the location of four cameras along the Cowley Road. See here

30th Jan 08 - Police have been spotted outside the public toilets on Cowley Road "testing" a mobile cctv camera.

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Ongoing Anti-CCTV Campaigns

  • Northern Ireland - Big Brother is Watching: The facts about ANPR in Northern Ireland
  • Royston - Royston Anti ANPR "Ring of Steel" Campaign
  • IWGVS - International Working Group on Video Surveillance No To Facewatch Campaign
  • 1994 Action Day - Annual Day of Action

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